Vector Network Analyzer MMVNA

AEM Test and Measurement solutions include ruggedized and portable handheld small form factor vector network analyzers. These solutions are highly modular and suited to field use, enterprise, manufacturing and laboratory environments.


Mixed Mode Multi-Port Vector Network Analyzer (MMVNA) is a portable analyzer that is purpose-built for characterizing twisted pair cables and components. Through its innovative patent-pending RF measurement system, MMVNA houses a sophisticated S-parameter measurement capability in an 8 port small, portable form-factor.

The MMVNA performs mixed-mode S-parameter testing in single-ended or dual-ended configuration. The easy to customize Linux based programming interface, and configurable measurement parameters make MMVNA an ideal tool for AUTOMOTIVE cabling test.

Key Features:

Compact and portable–The MMVNA is designed to meet the requirements of characterizing balanced DUTs in an accurate, portable, and cost-effect way.

Breadth of test function–Measurements of multi-port and single-port DUTs; coax and balanced twisted-pair cables, cabling links and assemblies.

Standards Compliant–Adheres to Open Alliance, BroadR-Reach, 802.3bw, 802.3bp and 802.3ch (draft) for the following s-parameter tests:

• Link segments and components; cables, connectors, and wire harnesses
• Open Alliance VNA Reference Measurements
• Equipment connector interfaces (ECU, MDI)
• Transmitter’s and receiver’s

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